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Re: New on the list

welcome to the list!! oh this is good.... hope to see you posting around. sorry, everytime there's a new one i'm posting like this sorry, for repeating it. hehehehe, like you clare i LOVE caroline. i think she's really cool. well, don't be surprised if there are too much messages a day, be prepared...hehehehe...

with big bear hugs,

Clare wrote:

>Hi Everyone,
>My name is Clare, and I'm from Toronto,Canada. I've been a Corrs fan
>for about 2 years. I first heard them when they opened up for Celine
>Dion a few years back. I instantly loved their music. I have all
>their albums, and I can't wait for them to tour this area. Well, I'm
>hoping they'll come to Toronto. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
>Oh, and one more thing. Caroline Rocks!! I really like her.
>I like them all, but I love her smile and she seems to have a great
>Take Care,


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