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US Music

In a message dated 10/16/00 7:03:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
JBoze3131@aol.com writes:

<< Not a single one of them have
any talent, and they're only popular, because as much as we'd like to deny
it, people in general are stupid, and you can get them to listen to any crap.

>Such negativity (j/k). I honestly think that some American artists are
>genuinely talented. And it is true that there are some artists that >just plain suck. But i wouldnt say that people in general are stupid. >People can like whatever kind of music they like and we cant do >anything about it. >Besides, we're not here to judge. Just my opinion.


yes, we shouldn't judge people and we are not here on the list just to discriminate other people. people have their own likes. we don't have the right to judge them. sometimes our wants doesn't like by other ppl. well, the corrs even though they are not really popular in our country as much as britney, eminem and matchbox 20. but when i ask my friends if they like the corrs music as much as we do, they say "ya, they are cool." my point is we have different points of views and we shouldn't fight just for that and we must understand everyone's likes.
and as Eunice Chin said "WE all have our own opinions."
that's just my comment.

with big bear hugs,


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