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Re: The "cynic" bandwagon has arrived

The more things change, the more they stay the same, don't they? I'm too
young to remember this *personally*, but wasn't Bob Dylan booed by "don't
like his new direction" diehard fans when he first went electric? For the
record, I love the new stuff....
peace to you all
Annalisa : )

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Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2000 10:47 PM
Subject: Corrs: The "cynic" bandwagon has arrived

> Hi,
> I still think some people just like to bitch. I think they hear the old
> phrase "ignorance is bliss" and they mistakenly conclude that bliss must
> come from ignorance. So what better way to disprove your ignorance than
> bitch indiscriminately?
> But, you see, it really isn't true. Just because someone likes Breathless
> doesn't mean they're stupid or naive. Likewise, just because you
> your disapproval on day 2, after listening to it once, doesn't really
> that you're a discerning music aficianado. And don't tell me it's the
> muscial style you disapprove of. I'm sorry, but I didn't hear you people
> bitching about "When He's Not Around" or "So Young". And this is the same
> style.
> No, I think you complainers knew you were going to bitch about this song
> before it came out. It was fun for you to be a Corrs fan as long as they
> weren't too popular. You felt cutting edge. Like some kind of musical
> pioneer. And when that album hit #1, the thrill peaked for you. You were
> able to go around to all your friends and tell them you've liked them
> 1937. But now what? It's a little anticlimactic, isn't it? You're not a
> pioneer any more. They're number one all over the place. Everyone likes
> them, not just you. The only way you can be a pioneer now is to hop on
> "cynic" bandwagon. Be the first to say "I don't like their new
> regardless of what that direction may be.
> Sure, it's fair to say that the particular style of production they
> for "Breathless" is at fault. After all, if they stuck to some your
> Celtic acoustic format, they'd never climb the charts at all, and then
> little pioneering musical secret would be safe. So in that sense, it's no
> wonder you don't like the music. But I simply don't believe it when you
> you listened to it and didn't like it.
> You didn't like it before it was even written.
> Now, please, if you're going to bash me for writing this, I just want to
> you one question: did I touch a nerve? ;)
> Corrs forever,
> Mark
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