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Re: The interview transcript; for anyone who never saw it

I concur with David's comments thanks a million Bunnychelle : )
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Subject: Re: Corrs: The interview transcript; for anyone who never saw it

> Very nice and useful work !
> thanks a lot
> David
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> Objet : Corrs: The interview transcript; for anyone who never saw it
> >
> > Missed the Fleadh 2000 Interview with The Corrs? Then read below my
> > transcript that I've done for all those that did. They were on a show
> called
> > 'It's the weekend with Jules & Gideon
> >
> > Time-09:40
> >
> > First they played the Original Runaway video and then the interview
> started
> > after the song.
> >
> > Jules (Woman) Welcome to you all
> > Jim Hi, how's it going?
> > Sharon Hi, hello
> > Andrea and Caroline HI
> >
> > Jules Is this your first Fleadh or have you done one before?
> > Jim It's actually our third
> > Jules And why did you choose to do the Fleadh, for the obvious reasons
> > it's a good crowd out there today. Are you enjoying it?
> > Jim We just love this particular festival. I think when we were just
> > starting out, we managed to play the secondary stage here and it was a
> > very
> > very big deal for us. We worked our way up and now we're
> > headlining it. It's fascinating, it's just great. I'm really looking
> > forward to getting up on stage.
> > Jules So how does it feel to be headlining on a festival like this now?
> > Sharon Nerve-wracking, it's really great and it's funny when I remember
> > number of years ago we did the Fleadh and we were like on the middle
> > of the show or something and afterwards I walked out and I went up
> > the road for a pint. But it's just very different now to be headlining
> > but it's great and we're doing some songs off our new album.
> >
> > The Breathless video played, then back to the Interview
> >
> > Jules Let's talk about the new album 'In Blue', so it's out in July
> > it? I think it's the first time is this right, that you recorded it in
> > Ireland? How did that feel?
> > Sharon It was wonderful, I think the last album we recorded about a
> > in Ireland and the rest was in LA but this time it was just fantastic to
> > be at home recording. It was just a wonderful feeling.
> >
> > Gideon (Man) Andrea, how about the whole festival scene. Did you enjoy
> > going to festivals and being a part of them?
> > Andrea (She actually speaks;lol)- Yeah I love performing at them, it's
> > quite energetic and quite chaotic, which adds to the atmosphere. There's
> > plenty of fun you know, we generally have a good time backstage and I
> > think particularly when it's a nice day and everything and the crowd
> > are pretty welcome, they wanna have a good time.
> > Gideon Do you socialise with other bands as well?
> > Andrea Well we usually do, in the other years we have but for some
> > reason today I've missed everybody so I didn't.
> > Gideon So how have things changed now from the Fleadhs you've done?
> > There seems to be a lot of mobiles.
> > Caroline Yeah there seems to be some very nice mobiles here.
> > Gideon What can you tell us about the new LP?
> > Caroline It's just a whole lot of songs from past experiences and we
> > it's good.
> > Gideon And how about coping with being so famous as you are now and
> > being so big, having a new record out. Is the pressure on a little bit?
> > Andrea Yeah I think there's always pressure, I mean the thing is I think
> > that every band when they write a new album, they think it's the best
> > Gideon Bless you (to Sharon and they all laugh for a bit)
> > Andrea for in order to be the best.
> > Jules It's cold here
> >
> > (Andrea carrys on but then laughs)
> >
> > Gideon Don't worry there's nothing going on there
> > Andrea Arghh, I've forgotten what I was saying now
> > Gideon You basically are saying that there's pressure but it's a good
> > thing are you very proud with this record?
> > Andrea Yeah we're very happy with it. The more you're happy with it, the
> > more you want people to receive it well.
> > Gideon Do you need warming up there, Jules?
> > Jules Well Jim's all right cause he's in a scarf - Jim gives Jules a
> > rub on her back to make her warm );-)
> > Jules Jim, thank you! (They all chuckle)
> > Jules What do you make of festivals in general? I mean are they fun to
> > compared to your own shows?
> > Jim Well they're kind of are, it's very much in the deep end because you
> > don't get sufficient sound check cause there's so many bands on
> > before you, that there's so many thing that can go wrong.
> > Our attitude is to just let's go and get up and enjoy ourselves and not
> > to be too microscopic about how we play because obviously it's not a
> > situation where you can actually deliver completely to your best.
> > Gideon Basically you don't want other bands to leave a mess (They all
> > laugh).
> > Caroline Exactly
> >
> > What can I do video plays
> >
> > The band say their thank you's and then VH1 show the live performance of
> one
> > of their new songs from the album called 'Irresistible', but only the
> first
> > half of the song.
> > To me the song sounds poppy but like Breathless, it will be a catchy
> > Oh and The Corrs looked very nice and cheery.
> >
> > Well hope you've enjoyed reading this transcript; I can tell you that I
> > won't be doing one again as I had to keep pausing the video to write
> > sentence down!! Boring; but I hope it was worth it guys!
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