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CORRS: Info Russian bootlegs.

Please, read the attachment with MS Word for Win 95/98!
Hi, Patti!

> I saw your message in the Corrs mailing list, and I
> think you said if we have 5 mp3s or over we should
> tape it onto a CD and trade it with you for a bootleg
> of the Corrs Greatest Hits. Could you tell me what
> songs are on this bootleg?
Of course, You must know that:
- the Russian bootleg version of TOC CD has not any live, rare,
acoustic, re-mixed or extended tracks - only 14 tracks: from OWIS to
- the Russian bootleg CD "Greatest Hits" includes mainly original tracks
from FNF & TOC CDs: So Young, Runaway, WCID, LTLY, INLYA, FNF, OWIS,
Closer, Dreams, TRT, LW, HK, WHNA, Secret Life, Hopelessly Addicted, LMA
& QOH.;
- the booklet of each CD is the cover: TOC - cover, scanning from the
original cover of original TOC CD's booklet; Greatest Hits - cover too,
with logo & image of the Corrs, copied from the one WEB-site.

> I don't have any CD-Rom recording equipment, but I do
> have quite a lot of mp3s, including Rainy Day, No
> Frontiers, Lifting Me, live tracks from the Malaysian
> Tour TOC...well I can't record it onto a CD for you
> but I'd be willing to trade some for some of yours. Is
> it possible for you to trade some of the songs on the
> bootleg?
It's possible for me to trade MP3s on CD-Rs only (sorry!), coz
I pay US$ 1.00 for the 1 MB of download e-mail (or any file) - Sorry,
I can't allow me to pay US$ 3.0 and more for the one MP3 at least!
I wanna advise You to go to Your provider - They can have CD-R
equipment (My provider has it!). I did it (sending the advisement)
coz I very wanna get all Your MP3s!!! Please, try to make CD-R
with the Your MP3s for me!!! Let me know after make-up - I'll send
You any bootleg (of course, if You're interested in it).

HAND. Best wishes.
P. O. Box 657
ICQ Uin: 50703105

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