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City in the Park

Hi everyone,

I'm unsubscribing as I finish uni on Friday, but I just want those
who are going to City in the Park, no food or drinks allowed except
bottles of water...

For those staying on for the FREE Music Jam on Monday at Wollaton
(that's how to spell it) Park, acts include

Nick Kershaw (Andrea and Caroline had his posters all over their
WESTLIFE (yep, their first outdoor major gig)
The Honeyz (with new member)
21st Century Girls
S Club Seven
Dina Carroll
Precious (the prominent Eurovision 99 winners)

There are many acts which I will tell you about tommorrow...KEEP


(anyone who would like to contact me, please use the following email
address till Friday morning or the HOTMAIL Address for the rest of
the time)



thanks everyone..it's been great

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