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Corrs:WWW Jeff Taylor is a prat!!!!

Okay, you may say I am offensive but jeff from corrs 365 is the most
offensive and arrogant fool there is. all he does is slag other people. he
goes on about how shit other pages are but his page isn't great, what does
his page have that others don't? fuck all! maybe if he stopped giving out
about others and worked a bit on his own he might have a better site.

Just look at the "columns"! How sad is that, they are just cocky drivle that
takes up valuable webspace, and no-one likes them!
here is a bit of advice for you jeff:

Stop saying how great you are.
Start being nice to others.
Learn how to write in HTML, cos your page is shite.

Sorry to those who might be offended by this, i just thought someone should
say something.

Yours angrily,
Rob Stykes.

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