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Commitments/MuchMusic USA

>To be honest I don't really know, but if you watch the film "The
>Commitments" you do briefly see Andrea doing a Jig as Robert Arkin auditions
>people for the band. Can't remember exactly where in the film, but no doubt
>someone else can be more precise. :)

Hello Matt. It's fairly close to the beginning. On the NTSC laserdisc
Andrea's dainty hopping steps are at the 12:40 mark (although the
the movie starts at 0:30 allowing the FBI to do their solemn duty).
For a PAL tape which runs 4% slower than NTSC, you'd add 30 seconds
or so.

<Audience yawns profoundly>

Well, I've lost most everyone now. Let's see about any remaining

As most people know, The Corrs and U.S. Television are virtual strangers
thanks to the lifeless efforts of their sham of a record label. One
exception to this deafening TV silence was a 10 minute spot aired recently
by the little known cable channel, MuchMusic USA, on a program called
"The New Music". Basically, it was one of those interview-dovetailed-
with-short-video-clip collages. I think it's been seen elsewhere.
(Just to identify somewhat: Caroline talks about a young child from
Pamplona, Spain breaking down in tears upon seeing her idol, with Jim
interjecting that Caro shouldn't have headbutted the kid. :)

Unfortunately, MuchMusic USA is not a VH-1/USA or MTV/USA, where the mass
audience is, and the vehicle by which the Billboard 200 can be breached.
Well, as a former boss of mine was always pleased to say after my completing
a huge project: "It's a start."

Roy                 |
kl7@rahul.net (USA) |

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