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Re: Dublin Date...

Amy Montgomery wrote:
> I tend to disagree with Tom's statement about them not selling out the
> Point.....
> One would automatically assume they certainly will sell out,it is > the=
ir home country after all!
> Stop Being So Negative!!!!!!

Just being realistic - they failed to sell out there in 1996. About
5,000 at it. Last year they had about 9,000 to see them in Dublin at two
The Point is about 10,000 to 11,000 in capacity.

I never said they wouldn't sell out - I said it was a possibilty.
Given the performace of their stuff here, ToC aside, I have my doubts -
yes Corrs fans have doubts! :-)

Tom Cosgrave=A0tpc@indigo.ie

The Corrs Links Page :- http://www.thecorrs.org/links/corrs.htm

"Who says we're f*****g nice?"
- Jim Corr

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