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Re: Pav&friends CD??

> Hello,
> I think that in the past years Pav&friends shows were released as a CD
> which all the money from it went to charity,is it going to release this
> year too?
> Gil
> I was going to ask EXACTLY the same question because I was just walking=
> past and saw this Pavrotti CD in K-Mart today! :) I certainly would li=
> to see it released with the Corrs! :)
In the past years the Pav & Friend concert was always recorded on cd and
they did it this year too. The host on tv said so, she said that the cd w=
being recorded during the performances.
It will include, as it always has, ALL the songs so the Corrs will surely
be on it with both songs.
I know for sure that the 1st years the concert had also a video tape
release, dunno if they did it also last year and if they will this time.
Hope this helped!


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