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You can start with going to the first or last page of any given set of index pages. The links on each index page lead to the individual archived messages.

The directory pages list each thread, date and author represented in the archive. The links on each directory page will take you to the index page where the listing for that thread, date or author begins.

It's not as complicated as it sounds, just pick a link and go from there. To see the newest messages, pick the last date index page or the last thread index page.

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There are currently 35121 messages in the archive from 07 Jan 1998 to 19 Aug 2001
Archive last updated on Aug 19 2001 06:00 GMT
New messages are added once per day into the archive.
The search database was last updated on Aug 19 2001 05:51 GMT

Note: The early archives are incomplete, until February 5th 1998 when the digests started. If you happen to have a copy of an early message that is not in the archive, please send it to the maintainer.

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