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Description And General Information

The Corrs Mailing List is dedicated to fan discussion about the Irish band The Corrs; music, lyrics, news, albums, concert reviews, band members, and so on. The list is meant as a virtual meeting place for fans to talk with each other. While discussions may sometimes cover a wide variety of topics, the focus is The Corrs and especially their music.

This mailing list is the original Corrs mailing list, started in the beginning of 1998, and to my knowledge is the biggest Corrs list on the Internet.

The list maintainers are Mikko Hänninen and Stephen Jacob. The list is managed by a program called Majordomo, and is graciously hosted at the School of Mathematics, Trinity College Dublin.

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See below for instructions on what to write in the email. Since Majordomo is a program, your email must be in a specific format for Majordomo to understand it. Because of this messages such as "Please subscribe me to your list" will not work. Also worth noting is that Majordomo does not understand messages sent in HTML format. This problem mostly shows up with users of the MS Outlook Express program.

List Rules

The list's rules are explained in the welcome email that everyone gets when subscribing to the list.

Common rules of Netiquette should be followed when posting to this list; more information on Netiquette is available (for example) from and particularly the page about Discussion Groups, at Also see the Message Editing and Quoting Guide.


To subscribe, send email to and put subscribe corrs-list in the mail body. The subject gets ignored so you can put anything you like there. Your email should look something like the example below:

Subscribing to the normal mode list
Subject: (anything)

subscribe corrs-list

You will receive instructions on how to post to the list after subscribing. If you want to subscribe to the digest mode (emails collected into digests) instead of normal mode (separate emails), see the section on digests.


To unsubscribe, as with subscription, send email to and put unsubscribe corrs-list in the mail body. Your email should look something like the example below:

Unsubscribing from the normal mode list
Subject: (anything)

unsubscribe corrs-list

Digest mode

The list has two modes of operation, normal and digest mode. In the normal mode, subscribers will receive separately each message posted to the list. In the digest version of the list, mail to the list is collected into digests, which are sent out periodically to those who are subscribed to the digest mode of the list. The frequency of digests depends mostly on list volume.

Subscribing and unsubscribing to the digest mode work in the same way as for the normal mode list (shown above), you only need to replace corrs-list with corrs-digest. Examples of the digest mode subscribe and unsubscribe emails are shown below:

Subscribing to the digest mode list
Subject: (anything)

subscribe corrs-digest

You will receive instructions on how to post to the list after subscribing.

Unsubscribing from the digest mode list
Subject: (anything)

unsubscribe corrs-digest

Other Information

The Corrs

This page is about the mailing list, not about the Corrs, so there's no information about the band here. If you're looking for that, please visit the The Corrs Links Page and follow the links listed there to find some excellent websites dedicated to the group. Or, if the info has ever been posted in a message to the list, you may find it in the archive.

List Archive

All the messages sent to the list are collected into the list archive. The archive has indexes for browsing messages by date or subject, and a search function.


The list is being remotely archived at Yahoo!Groups, and you can also subscribe via them if you prefer.

The Corrs Friends List

There is another, separate mailing list called Corrs Friends. This list is meant as a general chat list for Corrs fans where the topics are not restricted to the Corrs. It was set up in the hope of reducing the number of off-topic postings on the main Corrs discussion list. See the separate page for more information about that list, including subscription instructions.

The Corrs Community
Mikko's Personal Corrs Page